OOC of Atlanta has an ever changing selection of Used Office Cubicles, Panel Systems & Preowned Modular Workstations including Herman Miller, Knoll, Haworth, Steeelcase & more

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At Open Office Cubicles of Atlanta,
We carry a large variety of A Grade Office Cubicles and Preowned Modular Workstations manufacturers at our distribution center in Sugar Hill, Georgia. Names like Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, and Knoll Panel Systems, just to name a few.

These inventories are updated weekly to keep our customers informed as to what's in our warehouse from one week to the next. Below you will find sample pictures and brief descriptions of those inventories and the option to view more pictures of individual brands on our gallery page. For more information or any questions, please call us at (470) 398-7602 or email us at Dabrown66@gmail.com.

Thank you from OOC.

"Used Herman Miller Canvas Office Cubicles"

These Herman Miller Canvas office Cubicles are less than 5 years old and were never actually used. Designed specifically for privacy while allowing for some interaction between coworkers.

They come in a handful of layouts and floor plans, one of which may be just right for you. Ranging in sizes from 5x5 to 5x8, they can be configured to roll from 1 station to the next in a "serpentine" design or extended in length for more work area or added privacy.

At an original cost of over $4500 per station, these very nice and very functional cubicles are priced starting at just $899.00 each depending on the floorplan you select.

Contact us today for more information or availability at (470) 398-7602 or email us at dabrown66@gmail.com.

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Herman Miller Canvas Cubicle Office Cubicle

Herman Miller Action Office 2 Series

20-Used Herman Miller AO2 Office Cubicles for sale in Atlanta, Georgia. Freshly steam cleaned, the light grey fabric, tan paint trim, and Faux Stone finish Laminate work surfaces are earth tone neutral in color and will blend with almost any existing colors in your office now. These stations are loaded with 2 enclosed overhead shelves with lighting, 4 circuit power with a dedicated line for your computers, 1 locking file cabinet per station, wire management for your additional communications wiring and very nice Faux stone laminated work surfaces. These Herman Miller Preowned Office Cubicles are a real bargain starting at just $899.00 each (Depending upon your floor plan). Delivery and Install available in Roswell, Alpharetta, Marietta, Norcross, Woodstock, Stockbridge, or any one of a thousand locations in the Southeastern U.S.including Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, North and South Carolina and beyond. Call us today at (470) 398-7602 or email us at dabrown66@gmail.com to inquire about availability in your area.

Herman Miller Office Cubicle Herman Miller Cubicle

Knoll Morrison Telemarketing and Customer Service Modules

When it comes to finding Quality, Ease, and versatility, Knoll office cubicles, and Knoll office Furniture fits that description better than any other Modular Panel Systems manufacturer on the market today. Knoll Morrison, Knoll Ref, Knoll Dividends, and Knoll Currents have all been designed with your needs in mind. Open Office Cubicles in Atlanta, Georgia, is dedicated to the Green Concept of reintroducing these preowned Cubical Workstations back into your workplace at tremendous savings while preserving the integrity of a well-built product for years to come.

366-Used Knoll Cubicle Workstations available in multiple sizes, Colors, and Height and can be redesigned to fit your specific needs.

Knoll Cubicles Knoll Workstations

Knoll office cubicles are available in four different heights and color variations. They are available from 6' x 6' to 8' x 8' with overhead shelving, lighting, file cabinets, power, acoustic panels, and more.
Starting at $699 each.

6' x 8' x 6' Knoll Peninsula Executive Workstation

The Knoll Peninsula Executive Workstation is 67 inches high on the back wall and either 42 or 48 inches tall on the opposite wall. It is available in four different color combinations.
Starting at $999 each.

6'x8' Preowned Knoll Office Cubicles

We presently have more than 300 Knoll Morrison cubicles that can be configured in any floor plan that you require. These cubicles from Alpharetta, Georgia, and have been thoroughly steam cleaned. Choose from five different up-to-date color schemes. Their price varies depending on your hardware selections and trade-in allowance.
Starting at $799 each.

8' x 8' Used Knoll Office Cubicles

These cubicles were formerly owned by a local television station. They are beige on the exterior and burgundy on the interior; however, they are also available in blue on beige. You can even turn them inside-out to show off the brilliant exterior colors. The rich colors 'pop' next to any earth tones. We have more than 300 Knoll Morrison cubicle workstations sitting in our warehouse ready to be sold.
Starting at $899 each.


Each Steelcase Modular Workstation has 30-inch deep work surfaces, 2 file cabinets. 2 overhead enclosed bins and 67-inch tall acoustic office panels with electrical power built into the case.

Each unit comes with tan panels { With an upgrade imprint }, and stone wash faux laminated work surfaces. On sale now for just $899.00 from an everyday price of $1299.00 each.

The must be purchased as they appear in the layout below. Only 4 workstations left.

Used Steelcase Office Cubicles in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Steel Cubicle Steelcase Office Cubicle


These great looking and freshly steam cleaned "Used Haworth Modular Office Cubicles For Sale in Atlanta Georgia," but like all of our other Used Panel System inventories, they can be shipped and installed anywhere in the Southeastern U.S.

These particular Used Haworth Modular Office desks are available in a multitude of floor plans and layouts, and we can redesign them to fit your specific need. Heights range from 67 to 48 inches tall and widths of anywhere from 8x9 to as small as 4x4.

Utilize them as "Haworth Telemarketing Stations" or "Customer Service Cubicles." No matter what size you need, we can accommodate you. Call today for a free quote.

Haworth CUSTOMER SERVICE OFFICE CUBICLES cubicles for sale 2